What is SecurityScorecard?

SecurityScorecard is an 'outside-in' report card of your security risk posture. The platform continuously gathers security intelligence data and instantly grades companies from A to F across ten crucial security categories.

How is this data collected?

Data is collected passively and non-intrusively through both publicly-available and proprietary security risk intelligence sources. We do not enter company networks or systems to collect and calculate your instant scorecard. Our platform provides outside-in visibility on ten security categories and factors, and automatically grades and benchmarks the risk posture of companies to their specific industry.

Why should I use it?

To discover your company's external security posture from the point of view of: a hacker, a business partner, or a customer.

Download a scorecard to learn:

  • If hackers are buying and selling corporate credentials, or discussing your company as a target
  • The health of your DNS
  • How your patching cadence ranks to your industry
  • If employees are using work email addresses on social networks
  • Common typosquat domains of your company available on the Internet
  • How your security risk changes over time
  • How your security posture ranks against competitors & peers in your industry